Spark MicroGrants

Expanding Impact Across Rwanda

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Economic and Community Development

Spark MicroGrants works in East and Central Africa to bring community members together to define common goals and improve their livelihoods—and in doing so measurably improve economic well-being and democratic engagement. One hundred percent of villages have launched an impact project after working with Spark, and their success has caught the attention of the Rwandan national government, which sought an implementation partner to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its national community development efforts. Presented with an immense opportunity to amplify its impact and scale, Spark needed to rapidly develop a way to achieve exponential growth while maintaining fidelity to its organizational identity and high standard of work.

Spark MicroGrants engaged Bennett Midland to develop a “Rwanda Scaling Plan”—a concrete, actionable strategy to position Spark to expand its impact in stages, while building momentum for national scaling. Through a series of facilitated working sessions, Bennett Midland worked with the Spark leadership team to set a vision for national implementation and document a precise strategy, timeline, and organizational model for scaling.

As a result of this effort, Spark MicroGrants developed a credible model for partnering with the Rwandan government to implement projects in 14,000 villages within a decade. The model positions Spark to make decisions on the success and impact of scaling based on solid metrics. With this model in hand, Spark is prepared to advance partnership discussions with the Rwandan government and seek support from large bilateral funders.