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Bennett supports the City of New York’s strategies to transform the nonprofit procurement and contracting process and ensure nonprofits are paid on time. He is also working with the Correctional Association of New York to build its communications capacity and design a community convening to examine the changing landscape of places and relationships affected by incarceration.

Prior to joining the firm, Bennett led initiatives in government, nonprofits, and academia. As the Director of Policy and Communications for the New York City Board of Correction, Bennett spearheaded strategy, community outreach, and communications efforts to strengthen independent oversight of the City’s jails and empower stakeholders inside and outside of government in the policymaking process. As the Project Director of UCLA Law School’s COVID Behind Bars Data Project, Bennett managed the team’s transition from crisis response to organizational stability. Bennett started his career writing, researching, and managing a legal office for the ACLU’s Speech, Privacy & Technology Project, where he also negotiated multiple contracts as shop steward for UAW Local 2110.

Bennett holds a Bachelor’s degree in Public Policy from the University of Michigan. (Bennett and the firm’s shared name is a happy coincidence.)

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