For organizations in the civic sector, strategy may mean how and when to grow, redefining one’s mission, or taking on ambitious new goals. Our team works with senior executives to identify the strategic objectives that are most important to their organization. We support development of agency-wide strategies and initiatives to meet those objectives, and transform ideas into practical plans for implementation.

Recent Projects

A Strategic Plan for Growth

Cities for Financial Empowerment (CFE) engaged Bennett Midland to develop a strategic plan for service delivery, funding, and organizational growth. Working with the key principals of the 11-city coalition, Bennett Midland helped forge a strategic plan that defines operational responsibilities of the existing institution, and helps establish a new 501(c)(3) entity dedicated to fund-raising.

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A National Plan of Action

The Innocence Project hired Bennett Midland to create a five-year plan of action to guide their state policy reform campaign. This plan would help directors systematically assess state progress around the three primary innocence areas, and identify the types of resources needed to help support local efforts.

learn more: About The Innocence Project

Juvenile Justice in New York State

The New York State Juvenile Justice Advisory Group (JJAG)—the primary funder of juvenile justice programs and services in New York State—asked Bennett Midland to generate recommendations to help direct its investment decisions. We conducted a close examination of programs and strategies concerning diversion programs for arrested youth—both in New York State and nationally. Our work included a comprehensive review of literature in the area, interviews with experts around the United States, and consultation with a diverse array of juvenile justice stakeholders in New York. At the conclusion of the engagement, Bennett Midland presented a concrete plan to the JJAG, comprised of detailed recommendations for investment and action.

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