We help organizations measure and maintain progress against their goals. We work collaboratively to identify appropriate indicators to track, and provide managers with helpful tools to assess operations and agency impact in measurable and data-driven terms. In addition, we often design the necessary infrastructure to facilitate ongoing collection and analysis of performance measures.

Recent Projects

Measuring Progress: Grant Making

After several years and millions of dollars invested in juvenile justice systems change, the MacArthur Foundation wanted to know whether it was achieving its philanthropic goals. The Foundation engaged Bennett Midland to establish a performance management framework for one of its largest initiatives, Models for Change. We developed a method to describe, in quantitative terms, the impact of grants throughout the initiative. We constructed an “index of progress,” allowing the Foundation to measure its grant-making efforts using standardized factors. Our work enabled the Foundation to document its investments, record progress for grants initiative-wide, and inform ongoing management decisions. Bennett Midland is now building a database to support the ongoing maintenance and analysis of performance assessment data.

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A Quantitative Assessment of Progress

The National Juvenile Defender Center (NJDC) established the Juvenile Indigent Defense Action Network (JIDAN) to engage defenders, policymakers, judges, and communities across the country to work together to improve juvenile indigent defense policy and practice. Bennett Midland was hired to create a performance management framework that could be used to measure the progress of this initiative nationally.

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Strengthening Community Outcomes

Centered on four large public housing developments in Brooklyn, the Brownsville Partnership brings together several social service providers and the New York City Housing Authority under the leadership of Common Ground, a not-for-profit that works to end homelessness. The agenda: advancing a new way of thinking about community development through preservation of affordable housing, early childhood programs, adult education, and homelessness prevention.

Common Ground engaged Bennett Midland to devise a framework for performance measurement so that it might more effectively monitor progress toward reaching and sustaining these goals. We worked with the stakeholders to establish performance standards, and we developed a systematic approach to consistent and continued tracking. At the culmination of the engagement, we produced a comprehensive Performance Management Report for 2008. This report not only provided helpful insights to managers about organizational performance, but also served as a model for future reports and performance analysis.

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