Operational management can be a determining factor in any organization’s success. We work with agencies to conceive of ways in which operations strategies—e.g., approach to staff assignment, definition of job responsibilities, composition of team, or organizational structure—can improve results in areas such as workload, efficiency, and quality of outcomes. We also work with organizations to develop new programs and plan how to leverage existing resources to accomplish new goals.

Recent Projects


The Innovation Teams initiative is part of the Mayors Project at Bloomberg Philanthropies. Innovation Teams, or i-teams, help mayors across cities develop and deliver powerful solutions to major urban challenges. Bloomberg Philanthropies hired Bennett Midland to provide project management and technical assistance support to five cities that have been funded to implement the Innovation Delivery Approach.

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Analysis of Deferred Payments

To more precisely plan endowment divestitures, the Atlantic Philanthropies hired Bennett Midland to conduct a detailed analysis of the Foundation’s grant payment history—both planned payments and actual payments made—to identify, among recurring grant payments, the rates at which expected payments are actually paid or deferred. Based on the findings of this analysis, Bennett Midland developed a model to evaluate an upcoming cycle of scheduled payments and predict the total dollar value that is likely to be paid out to grantees.

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Repurposing a Department

The Times Square Alliance, one of the largest business improvement districts in New York City, works to maintain and promote the “Crossroads of the World.” To improve quality of life conditions in the area (such as crowd control and illegal vending) the Alliance sought to restructure its Security Department into a Quality of Life Department.

Bennett Midland was engaged to help change the Security Department’s focus, functions, and culture. The Bennett Midland team organized focus groups and executive staff meetings to define the mission, functions, and staff roles of the new Quality of Life Department. Building from this new mission, and through a close examination of existing business processes, we worked with executive staff to redefine departmental procedures and operations. The Bennett Midland team developed ways to measure the improvement of conditions in the Times Square area over time. We also compiled an operations manual to document and standardize the organizational change.

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