Bennett Midland has amassed extensive experience supporting information technology projects. We work closely with our clients to set clear expectations, understanding that laying the groundwork—by articulating how information technology will support business objectives—is key to any successful system implementation. We are experts in developing requirements for new systems, and in ensuring that these plans both communicate project leaders’ expectations about final outcomes and provide clear direction to the technology team. We are experts in the specialized work of integrating data from multiple agencies and sources. We also build custom applications that support operations.

Recent Projects

Building an Indigent Defense Management Tool

The City of New York administers a public defense system that handles thousands of criminal defendants annually; the Office of the Criminal Justice Coordinator (CJC) manages service contracts with a diverse ecology of public defense providers. Although careful management of these contracts is critical to ensuring indigent defendants receive adequate representation, CJC’s capacity to manage the contracts is hindered by the scattered and diverse state of the available data. CJC chose Bennett Midland to design and build a performance management tool to facilitate data-driven contract management. This tool will collect uniform data across all public defense providers, produce structured reports, and enhance the City’s ability to maintain the most up-to-date information about the provision of indigent defense services citywide.

learn more: About Criminal Justice Coordinator's Office

Juvenile Justice Research Database

Vera is collaborating with the City of New York to improve justice system outcomes for juvenile delinquents. Vera asked Bennett Midland to design and build a research database to help policy-makers quickly assess how new juvenile justice initiatives are performing and whether program goals are being achieved.

learn more: About Vera Institute of Justice

Advancing a Major Data Sharing Initiative

The City University of New York (CUNY) and New York City Department of Education (DOE) are building the Student Tracking Database, a cutting-edge research tool. Drawing on student information from both institutions, the database will help document trends in student achievement and college readiness, and distill the factors that contribute to students’ success as they pursue secondary and undergraduate education.

CUNY and DOE hired Bennett Midland to guide development of the Student Tracking Database. Our team assembled a detailed implementation plan and documented technical and functional requirements for the database. At the conclusion of this engagement, Bennett Midland delivered to CUNY and DOE a clear, consensus-based plan to guide both development and utilization of the Student Tracking Database, as well as the ongoing collaboration between the agencies.

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