Many clients come to us seeking to deepen or expand their impact. We work with them to take a close look at how they are working, understand how others perceive their influence, and surface possible opportunities and paths forward. We develop a rich set of facts and data to help our clients make informed choices about priorities—including what not to tackle—and to identify the people and resources needed to make the impact they seek.

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Program Design

We work with our clients to transform great ideas into meaningful, influential initiatives. We help our partners think creatively and consider fresh ways to incentivize change at scale. We know how important it is to define what success means from the start and to design core program components with the end game front of mind. As early ideas come into focus, we test them with potential partners and end-users to identify risks and strengthen our approach.

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We help our partners launch new endeavors swiftly and with excellence by providing deft project management to accomplish the critical tasks necessary to get things off the ground. We develop materials to clarify purpose and approach, confirm the staffing and management structure required to succeed, engage necessary partners, and leverage our professional networks to generate buzz and demand.

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National Initiatives

From government innovation to criminal justice reform, we help our clients build networks of public sector leaders across the nation—and sometimes internationally—to make transformational changes. We play a range of roles to support the success of national initiatives, including project management, real time tracking and analysis of on-the-ground progress, coaching and technical assistance, and curation of an active learning community.

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Operations and Implementation

We know the demands of running a civic sector organization, and work with our clients to convert finite resources into desired results. We design tools and processes that improve the quality of an organization’s services, including detailed implementation plans, management routines, and performance metrics. We help our clients prioritize activities to advance their mission and deliver value and support swift and steady execution, including staffing and managing interdisciplinary task forces.

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