For organizations in the civic sector, strategy may mean how and when to grow, redefining one’s mission, or taking on ambitious new goals. Our team works with senior executives to identify the strategic objectives that are most important to their organization. We support development of agency-wide strategies and initiatives to meet those objectives, and transform ideas into practical plans for implementation. [learn more]


Operational management can be a determining factor in any organization’s success. We work with agencies to conceive of ways in which operations strategies—e.g., approach to staff assignment, definition of job responsibilities, composition of team, or organizational structure—can improve results in areas such as workload, efficiency, and quality of outcomes. We also work with organizations to develop new programs and plan how to leverage existing resources to accomplish new goals. [learn more]

Performance Management

We help organizations measure and maintain progress against their goals. We work collaboratively to identify appropriate indicators to track, and provide managers with helpful tools to assess operations and agency impact in measurable and data-driven terms. In addition, we often design the necessary infrastructure to facilitate ongoing collection and analysis of performance measures. [learn more]

Information Technology

Bennett Midland has amassed extensive experience supporting information technology projects. We work closely with our clients to set clear expectations, understanding that laying the groundwork—by articulating how information technology will support business objectives—is key to any successful system implementation. We are experts in developing requirements for new systems, and in ensuring that these plans both communicate project leaders’ expectations about final outcomes and provide clear direction to the technology team. We are experts in the specialized work of integrating data from multiple agencies and sources. We also build custom applications that support operations. [learn more]















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