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February, 2009 - Bennett Midland collaborates with ACS to purchase $15M in social services to help at-risk teens in New York City avoid harmful congregate care placements | More about our work with ACS

January, 2009 - Bennett Midland expands its roster with the addition of an accomplished full-time economist with financial management experience. | More about our team















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The Westchester County District Attorney’s Office prosecutes nearly 40,000 criminal cases a year and is the largest local prosecutorial agency in New York State north of New York City.

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Building a Criminal Intelligence Center

The Westchester District Attorney planned to create a county-wide intelligence center, where investigators and detectives from agencies across the county could scrutinize criminal complaints, dig deeply through detailed case information, and work together to drive down crime. To operate effectively, the intelligence center would need to collect and review data from more than 40 independent police departments.

Bennett Midland was hired to build a prototype of a system that would integrate data from the various departments and provide structured queries to help make sense of it all. Our prototype breaks down interagency barriers to data and provides easy-to-use queries and mapping tools. The Intel Center team uses the tool to explore patterns—such as a license plate number that appears in multiple incidents—and drive investigations.

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