The New York State Juvenile Justice Advisory Group oversees the strategic planning and federal grant funding allocation to programs and service organizations addressing juvenile delinquency and prevention issues. Funded projects are designed to measurably reduce juvenile crime, promote individual accountability, enhance public protection, and prevent delinquency through positive youth development.

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Juvenile Justice in New York State

The New York State Juvenile Justice Advisory Group (JJAG)—the primary funder of juvenile justice programs and services in New York State—asked Bennett Midland to generate recommendations to help direct its investment decisions. We conducted a close examination of programs and strategies concerning diversion programs for arrested youth—both in New York State and nationally. Our work included a comprehensive review of literature in the area, interviews with experts around the United States, and consultation with a diverse array of juvenile justice stakeholders in New York. At the conclusion of the engagement, Bennett Midland presented a concrete plan to the JJAG, comprised of detailed recommendations for investment and action.

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