The Division of Criminal Justice Services is the lead criminal justice agency for New York State, shaping criminal justice policy and managing statewide criminal justice services, including the criminal history records and the statewide criminal identification system.

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Criminal Identification in New York State

New York State sought to replace its automated fingerprint-identification system, which processes more than a million criminal and civil fingerprint transactions each year.

The New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) asked Bennett Midland to collaborate with the agency to shape a strategy for upgrading the Statewide Automated Fingerprint Identification System (SAFIS). Working with the executive team at DCJS, Bennett Midland defined the goals of the upgrade project, identified areas of risk, and quantified the return on investment that could be expected from the system conversion. We developed projections of future system performance and compared the experiences of other states that had recently acquired new fingerprinting systems. Using the analytical tools provided by Bennett Midland, the DCJS executive team is currently implementing and carefully overseeing the system conversion.

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Inter-Agency Data Sharing in New York State

The Division of Criminal Justice Services (“DCJS”) is responsible for tracking and reporting juvenile justice data in New York State, including information on disproportionate minority contact. DCJS engaged Bennett Midland to help migrate juvenile court data from the New York State Office of Court Administration. Bennett Midland built a custom application to import flat data files in the standardized NIEMS XML format. The tool populates a centralized, relational database with the transcoded data, while retaining the many critical relationships among data elements. The resultant database enables DCJS researchers and policy analysts to run complex data queries easily and efficiently.

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