December 2014 – Bloomberg Philanthropies is expanding its Innovation Teams Program to 12 new American cities and 2 Israeli cities: Albuquerque, NM; Boston, MA; Centennial, CO; Jersey City, NJ; Long Beach, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Mobile, AL; Minneapolis, MN; Peoria, IL; Rochester, NY; Seattle, WA; Syracuse, NY; and Jerusalem and Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel. These cities will receive grants to build Innovation Teams (“i-teams”) to tackle tough municipal problems with innovative solutions. Bloomberg Philanthropies engaged Bennett Midland to provide coaching and technical assistance to the 14 new i-teams, promoting the impact of innovative solutions and ensuring fidelity to the Innovation Delivery approach. | learn more: Press Release and Media Coverage

September 2014 – Results for America engaged Bennett Midland to plan and support their Local Moneyball for Government initiative. This initiative includes a Local Moneyball for Government Fellowship, a network of municipal leaders looking to put in place the infrastructure to ensure that data and evidence are used to make better policy and funding decisions in their cities—Fellows receive access to a national network of accomplished local public sector professionals and implementation planning support and coaching. Bennett Midland is also supporting the advancement of the Local Moneyball movement nationally through the creation of case studies and playbooks. | learn more: RFA Website

June 2014 – The New York City Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice engaged Bennett Midland to help support Mayor de Blasio’s Task Force on Behavioral Health and the Criminal Justice System. The Task Force was established to develop concrete, actionable recommendations that would help reduce the number of individuals with behavioral health needs that enter the criminal justice system. Bennett Midland offered project management support to guide the Task Force towards their development of recommendations. In 100 days, the Task Force developed a set of recommendations that would ensure the availability of treatment and service options during incarceration and upon reentry into the community. These recommendations are now being implemented through a four-year, $130 million dollar investment. | learn more: Task Force Action Plan

February 2014 – Results for America, an initiative of America Achieves, is launching the Moneyball Fellowship Network—a coalition of local government leaders committed to help shift public resources toward “what works,” and putting in place the infrastructure to ensure that data and evidence are used to make better policy and funding decisions. Results for America engaged Bennett Midland to manage and facilitate the launch of the Network; deploy and coordinate coaching to Network sites; track events and inventory progress; and reflect, analyze, and elevate lessons to inform practice improvements nationwide. | learn more: Results for America and Geek Cities

January 2014 – The City of New York has launched the Data Analytic Recidivism Tool (DART), an open data web application designed and developed by Bennett Midland. With the release of DART, New York City becomes the first city in the nation to provide a public data tool that calculates and analyzes recidivism for a range of defendant groups. | learn more: WSJ Coverage

December 2013 – The Harvard Kennedy School Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation (HKS) is designing an authoritative guide for city governments looking to reform regulatory practices, particularly those that impede economic development opportunities and small business growth. HKS has engaged Bennett Midland to support this effort by developing an inventory of regulatory reform strategies, elevating the best examples, and creating helpful materials to support replication of the most effective strategies in interested cities nationwide. | learn more: Regulatory Reform for the 21st Century City

November 2013 – Bennett Midland has moved! We are now located at 245 W29 Street, Floor 12A, New York, NY 10001. Our email addresses and telephone numbers remain the same. We are excited about our new home, and thank all of our clients for their continued support.

October 2013 – Bloomberg Philanthropies announced the 2013 Mayors Challenge —a competition for European cities to inspire innovative, impactful, implementable, and transferable ideas at the municipal level. Bennett Midland is providing support to the Foundation’s Government Innovation Team as leads and coordinates in this effort. | learn more: About the Mayors Challenge

August 2013 – The New York City Department of Investigation engaged Bennett Midland to develop an organizational plan for a new not-for-profit organization to support and advance the field of public integrity. At the conclusion of the strategic planning process—and on DOI’s 140th anniversary—Commissioner Rose Gill Hearn officially announced the establishment of the Center for the Advancement of Public Integrity at Columbia Law School. The Center, which will be operational in the fall, will work to improve the capacity of public offices to effectively deter, identify, and respond to corruption. | learn more: Columbia Law School Press Release

March 2013 – Friends of the High Line engaged Bennett Midland to help the organization develop a five-year strategic plan to ensure the long term growth and sustainability of the both the High Line and Friends of the High Line. Friends of the High Line led the charge for the preservation of the High Line—the mile-long public space built atop an unused freight rail structure on the west side of Manhattan. Friends of the High Line is a non-profit organization responsible for all programming and operations of the High Line; it raises over 90% of the operating costs of the park. | learn more: Friends of the Highline

November 2012 – Bloomberg Philanthropies has engaged Bennett Midland as a Coaching Consultant to provide technical assistance and coaching support to the 20 finalist cities chosen in the Mayors Challenge, a national competition to inspire American cities to generate innovative ideas that solve major challenges and improve city life, and that ultimately can be shared with other cities. | learn more: The Mayors Challenge

October 2012 – New York City Department of Transportation Commissioner Janet Sadik-Kahn announced the results of a study prepared by Bennett Midland that examines the economic impact of recent street improvements, including bicycle lanes and pedestrian plazas. Working closely with the Department of Transportation, we developed a new methodology to examine hyper-local (to the level of individual bocks) trends in economic activity, by mining state data on sales tax receipts. Through this lens of business sales, we found that street segments that received improvements tended to economically outperform segments which did not. The report has been cited for its original methodology and its implication for city planning nationwide. | learn more: The Atlantic Cities Coverage

April 2012 – The New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) has commissioned Bennett Midland to support the agency’s development of practice standards for the recently enacted “Close-to-Home” initiative. Close to Home will provide New York City youth involved in the juvenile justice system with services and support in their communities.

February 2012 – The New York City Department of Transportation has engaged Bennett Midland to conduct an economic impact study of recent NYC street improvement projects, including bike lanes on 8th and 9th avenues, plaza improvements around Madison Square, Park and the reconstruction of Houston Street.

January 2012 – Bloomberg Philanthropies has hired Bennett Midland to provide project management and technical assistance support to the Innovation Delivery Team Grant program, a national initiative geared toward increasing innovation capacity in municipal government to address complex urban challenges.

November 2011 – The U.S. General Services Administration has awarded Bennett Midland a Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) contract. U.S. Federal Agencies use the MOBIS program to order independent consulting services.

October 2011 – New York City’s Administration for Children’s Services has commissioned Bennett Midland to conduct a workload analysis of their largest department, the Division of Child Protection. This study would culminate in a complete staffing model, as well as actionable management recommendations.

September 2011 – New York City’s Economic Development Corporation has selected Bennett Midland to provide on-call management and economic development consulting services over the next three years.

August 2011 – The Innocence Project, a national litigation and policy organization dedicated to exonerating wrongfully convicted individuals, has hired Bennett Midland to help plan its state-based legislative reform efforts over the next five years.

June 2011 – The City of New York has engaged Bennett Midland to conduct an operational analysis of arrest processing citywide, and to identify practical, actionable recommendations to expedite processing times and reduce overtime costs.

May 2011 – The Coalition of Cities for Financial Empowerment (CFE) brings together municipal governments from across the country with the goal of advancing innovative financial empowerment initiatives. CFE selected Bennett Midland to develop a strategic plan to help the coalition improve its potential for impact and guide organizational growth.

March 2011 – We are pleased to announce that New York City's Administration for Children's Services (ACS) has launched its Family Assessment Program (FAP), a new continuum of services to support adolescent youth at risk of entering the foster care system. The Bennett Midland team has worked extensively with ACS over several projects to help design the FAP program, and to build the underlying information architecture. | learn more: ACS press release

February 2011 – The Administration for Children’s Services has engaged Bennett Midland to develop a complete staffing model to operate New York City’s juvenile secure detention facilities. This staffing plan will be implemented following the closure of Bridges Juvenile Secure Detention Center.

December 2010 – The Atlantic Philanthropies hired Bennett Midland to develop a "payables prediction system." This new system will support the foundation's internal budgeting processes by using statistical modeling to estimate quarterly grantee payments.

November 2010 – The City University of New York (CUNY) and NYC Department of Education (DOE) have selected Bennett Midland through a competitive RFP to undertake the development of a Longitudinal Tracking Database, which will link data collected by the two institutions, providing a robust longitudinal student data set and substantially expanding the research and reporting capacity of the two systems.

October 2010 – The National Juvenile Defender Center has engaged Bennett Midland to construct a performance management framework to track and analyze progress in one of its largest initiatives, the Juvenile Indigent Defense Action Network. | learn more: Our work with NJDC

July 2010 – TransitCenter has engaged Bennett Midland to study how the recently increased federal transit tax benefit has impacted mass transit ridership across the United States. | learn more: Our work with TransitCenter

June 2010 – The New York City Office of the Criminal Justice Coordinator has chosen Bennett Midland to design and build an indigent defense performance and contract management tool. | learn more: Our work with CJC

April 2010 – The New York County District Attorney’s Office has selected Bennett Midland to plan and guide the establishment of a new data and policy analysis unit. | learn more: Our work with DANY

March 2010 – The City University of New York and the New York City Department of Education have engaged Bennett Midland to draw up a roadmap for a new interagency student-tracking database. | learn more: Our work with DOE

February 2010 – Bennett Midland has generated recommendations for the New York State Juvenile Justice Advisory Group to direct its strategic planning and investment decisions for statewide juvenile justice policies. | learn more: Our work with JJAG

December 2009 – Bennett Midland has completed work on a data migration tool to aid a new data sharing initiative between the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services and the Office of Court Administration. | learn more: Our work with DCJS

October 2009 – The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation has engaged Bennett Midland to conduct an internal review of its grant-making strategies for one of its largest initiatives. | learn more: Our work with the MacArthur Foundation

August 2009 - Bennett Midland has completed an economic study detailing recent trends in the industrial and manufacturing sectors in Newark, New Jersey.
learn more: Our work with the City of Newark

May 2009 - Bennett Midland has been awarded a backdrop contract by the New York State comptroller's office as for IT consulting and on-going support.
learn more: Our Services

April 2009 – The New York City Administration for Children’s Services has engaged Bennett Midland to help plan the purchase of $42M in services to help strengthen families and ensure at-risk teens avoid placements in congregate care settings.
learn more: Our work with ACS

February, 2009 – Briefing: Stimulus funding opportunities for justice agencies in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
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December 2008 – Bennett Midland has completed a study for the Newark Police Department analyzing the outcomes of gun possession arrests as they progress through the criminal justice system, from arraignment to disposition.
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Our work with the Newark Police Department

July 2008 – Looking back: the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) asked Bennett Midland to help the agency shape a strategy for upgrading the Statewide Automated Fingerprint Identification System (SAFIS).
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May 2008 – Bennett Midland has been engaged by the Fund for Public Health in New York to plan the procurement and deployment of a financial management application.
learn more:Information Technology

May 2008 – The NYC Department of Investigation has hired Bennett Midland to improve the agency’s performance management process, and recommend new metrics to measure key outcomes.
learn more: Performance Management

February 2008 – Common Ground has hired Bennett Midland to conceptualize, plan, and implement a performance management system for the Brownsville Partnership initiative.
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About Common Ground

February 2008 – The Vera Institute of Justice has engaged Bennett Midland to oversee the deployment of a decentralized case management and reporting system.
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About Vera

January 2008 – Planning for “Enhanced 311,” is underway. The United Way of New York City and the City of New York have asked Bennett Midland to shape an implementation strategy for the expansion of 311 that will connect New Yorkers to over 2,000 human service providers.
learn more: Our collaboration with UWNYC.

January 2008 – The Times Square Alliance has engaged Bennett Midland to broaden and refocus the organization’s security department.
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