A Dedication to the Public Good

Bennett Midland works exclusively in the civic sector — government agencies, not-for-profit corporations, community-based organizations. We know the context in which our clients work and we are experts on the issues and challenges they face everyday. Our clients never have to explain to us the particular demands of their work in government or in partnership with public agencies.

Our staff draws on years of experience serving in government and not-for-profit organizations. We have undertaken assignments at all levels of government and with a wide range of not-for-profits, including start-ups and large, established organizations. Drawing on this expertise, we are able to immediately add value on every assignment.


Our team analyzes every project in quantitative terms, then uses insights gained from data to plan strategy and programs. With every engagement and with every client, we work to ensure that the engagement leads to prompt improvements in outcomes and stable, measurable results. Our reputation rests on outstanding execution.

We collaborate with clients in the design and implementation of innovative solutions to complex problems. Our experience, the breadth of our research, and our continued push for new solutions to emerging problems keep us focused and ready to tackle new challenges.

Approach to Quality

Our clients appreciate the diligence with which we pursue a project plan and our commitment to delivering comprehensive, thorough, and well-executed products. We produce original work and deliver service which is thoughtful, complete, and relevant. We pride ourselves on completing projects on time and to the highest standards.















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